Before You Say Yes

This is the time of promotion and before you say yes to the money you should read my book: Are You Ready For Management

So I wrote this book “Are You Ready For Management” from experiences and working with a great mentor a president of an organization. The entire staff was retired or active duty military working part-time for the cause.  The president saw something in me and had me promoted…I stayed with that company for 10 years learning and taking notes, on things that worked and things that didn’t. I observed how employees reacted to change and how they responded to certain management styles.  When I felt that I was ready to learn more from a different type of format I decided to take my 10 years of managerial skills and my valuable knowledge with me on another journey.  These skills spilled over into my volunteer positions like the Boys and Girls Club and being voted Chairman of the Substance Abuse Committee in my city.  I then realized once I had learned something and developed the skills no one can take them away from me…It doesn’t matter if you don’t like your job be open and learn as much as you can while you are there.

Before you say yes to the money… please take the time out and understand the importance of being in managerial position.  Yes, it is a great opportunity to make more money to pay off those debts, but it is also an opportunity to shape the lives of others. 

During the last 5 years in the corporate world management employees have become very selfish. Every new boss I received had no experience in the position and no experience as a manager.  I gave more pouring out that I received. My ideas and work were stolen and credit was given to my bosses. 

There are plenty of ways of getting training, but it is very important to have people in a position to pour into their team. Remember this “People don’t leave jobs, they leave supervisors.” (Author Unknown)

Knowledge is Power! – Are You Ready For Management?

Roberta E. Speight
Dreams Empowerment Network