About Us

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Our Approach

Dreams Empowerment Network mission is to help develop and shape the personal and professional aspect of a woman's life for a healthier and productive lifestyle.  By using counseling skills and techniques to create a teaching and training environment implementing; seminars, webinars and producing written products such as Are You Ready For Management?  an e-book and a monthly blog post on leadership.

Our Story

My story is not what I would have written. I left college to marry my high school sweetheart, by the age 24 I was divorced with two babies, no work experience and survived a marriage of infidelity and verbal manipulation. I returned home to my parents, broken, confused with no hope and feeling embarrassed and ashamed.

But then...everything changed.  The universe saw fit that my dreams were initiated and with that, I made it my life mission to help other women and young girls that need to initiate theirs.

Next Steps...

Are you ready to make a change in your life?