The Black Author’s Expo

The Black Author’s Expo was created to showcase the local author’s in Alexandria, VA. It quickly brought authors from all over to participate, including New York, Philly, New Jersey, and North Carolina. It attracted the surrounding local states, MD, VA, and the District of Columbia giving the community a wide range of different genres and electrifying speakers. These past events were hosted in the Alexandria community center and local Boys and Girls Club. Our goal was to give awareness to literacy in the African American community, and spotlight how literacy could change their lives.

“In 2019, The Nation’s Report Card from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that just 15% of Black 8th graders were at or above reading “proficiency.” About half didn’t even reach the “basic” reading benchmark” (Read the full article written by Collette Coleman here:

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The 2016 Panelists Creator Roberta Elliott Speight, Contessa Louise Trainer, Dr. Andrea Shanklin Dardello, Chris Lowry, Author

The Black Author’s Expo 2016 & 2018 Biennial Event