The Black Author’s Expo Sponsorship 2022

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Purpose of the Expo: To give African American Authors and Artists a platform to sell their products and share their stories and talents to a broad range of audiences, while giving the community an opportunity to learn more about and even support African American authors and Artists with purchases of books and products. Our ultimate goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of literacy to enhance the lives of the African American community.

This is why this year we have partnered with Divine Inspirations Center for the Arts- DICA a flourishing black-owned business in Prince William County to host the 2022 Black Author’s Expo at the historic Potomac Mills Mall to keep sharing the importance of literacy to an even broader range of audiences

Why Sponsor?

As we move more into the future, physical locations are closing their doors, whether due to the pandemic or the new generation of consumers purchasing more online, organizations like ours show the importance of community and local small business relationships. A community cannot sustain itself without the presence of local small businesses and the Black Author’s Expo is giving small business owners a platform for exposure and growth.

• Benefits of Sponsorships:

Brand/Corporate awareness: will put your business name in front of the consumer which will give your brand clear recognition when exposed to other competitors.

Brand/Corporate image: creates a personality and style which distinguishes your business product(s) or services from competitors in your market and allows for premium pricing.

Customer relations: sponsorships can open dialogue between your business and potential new customers.

Community relations: sponsorships can show that your business cares about its community and is prepared to invest in its future and the welfare of its citizens.

Tax-deductible: sponsorships are tax-deductible, save money at the end of the year! HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE:
You can be a key player by sponsoring through numerous ways: volunteering, advertising, exhibiting or giving an in-kind gift.

If you prefer to donate monetary there are numerous ways below.

With much sincere gratitude, we thank you, for assisting BAE and DICA in delivering quality education, information, and services to an increasing population.

The Black Author’s Expo Sponsorship 2022